What can we do for you?

The Business Launch Centre is a de-risking accelerator for SMEs incubating their business and requiring help to build their first 1 to 100 market seeding products.

We provide bespoke packages tailored to individual requirements and budgets, with options including:

  • Fully serviced office and factory space available on short-term lease with flexible terms
  • Business incubation consulting services including:
    • corporate strategy
    • IP strategy
    • manufacturing strategy
    • sales and marketing strategy
    • support navigating funding options, including government grants
  • Engineering consultancy services, including:
    • product development engineering, leveraging the full capability of disruptive manufacturing technologies
    • prototyping and prototype optimisation
    • efficient manufacturing process design, simulation and physical prove-out
    • virtual reality 3D CAD visualization
    • quality management
  • Flexible low volume production capability (facilities; people)
  • Introduction to MTC members and their supply chains as potential customers

The benefits

Working with the BLC will enable entrepreneurial businesses to focus on the potential of your enterprise and to manufacture the first 1 to 100 prototypes for market testing.

We will support entrepreneurs with a functional business structure from day one, including design, manufacturing and even access to potential end customers and funding.