Made for Space: Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Made for Space: Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Presentations include:

Robotics and autonomous systems supporting in-space manufacturing and assembly
Elie Allouis, Robotic Systems Team Lead, Airbus Defence & Space

UK National FAIR-SPACE Hub: AI robotics for sustainable space manufacturing
Yang Gao, Director of FAIR-SPACE Hub and Head of SSC-STAR Lab, FAIR-SPACE / SSC 

Space manufacturing, assembly and repair
Austin Cook, Lead Engineer, Emerging Technologies and Systems, BAE Systems

Modular Assembly: An efficient approach for creation & maintenance of persistent space assets
Bill Doggett, Senior Researcher, Langley Research Centre, NASA 

Development of deployable antennas
Juan Reveles, CTO & Co-Founder, Oxford Space Systems

Development of ultraclean containment isolators and haptic robotic technology breadboards for returned mars samples
John Vrublevskis, Planetary Protection Programme Manager, Thales Alenia Space

Image courtesy of NASA
We are working at the forefront of applied technology. The job is exciting and varied and every day brings a new challenge.
Dr Katy Milne
Technology Manager, Metrology and NDT