Made for Space: Surface Engineering & High Performance Coatings

Made for Space: Surface Engineering & High Performance Coatings

Presentations include:

Antimicrobial coatings & applications in space
Felicity De Cogan, Director, Nitropep 

Advanced coatings to prevent surface contamination
Alan Taylor, Technology Fellow, TWI

High performance thermal control and tribological surfaces
Suman Shrestha
, Vice President, Applications Engineering, Keronite

Photonics in Space
David Payne, Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton

Surface engineering of space parts made by additive manufacturing
Antero Jokinen, Senior Research Engineer, VTT

Advances in Surface Engineering Technologies - Prospect and Opportunities
Tian Long See, Senior Research Engineer, MTC

Shining light on temperature memory coatings - a novel way of measuring temperature
Jorg Feist, Managing Director, Sensor Coating Systems

Lotus leaf effect on aircraft
Tim Kunze, Team Leader, Fraunhofer IWS

Plasma polishing for complex AM component for space application
Laurent Espitalier, Technical Director, Wallwork

New thermal coatings for spacecraft and satellites using metamaterials
Kai Sun, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton 

Development of electrically-conducting, corrosion resistant coatings for aluminium alloys in space
Gary Critchlow, Head of the Department of Materials, Loughborough University 

Image courtesy of NASA

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