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The United Kingdom is the world’s second biggest defence exporter behind the United States and consists of over 9,000 companies in the marketplace. The UK defence sector is renowned for developing world-class capabilities across the full range of defence products and services.

Many of the large companies that supply the UK’s defence needs are also transnational in outlook and therefore have choices about where they invest. It is therefore imperative that the UK continues to provide a unique environment for industry in the defence sector. The UK Government continues to be a major defence customer and has a wider agenda to support export-led growth. The challenge for the UK defence sector is to find a new method of delivering innovative solutions that will guarantee success in an increasingly competitive global market. 

How can the MTC help?

The MTC has a variety of technology available to help defence manufacturers improve their productivity.

We have run projects in the defence sector on tooling, assembly processes, additive manufacturing, advanced net shape processes and automation for operational efficiency. We also have broad experience in the manufacturing of early stage prototypes and feasibility proving.

Our expertise in production simulation is allowing companies to streamline their operations.

It has been a life changing experience to work with MTC since my graduation. The chance to work on leading projects with nice and intelligent colleagues in a modern R&D environment has been great. I don't regret joining!
Qinqin Zhang
Research Engineer - Net Shape Manufacturing