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The United Kingdom’s electronics and computing sector is the world’s fifth largest in terms of production.  The UK is a centre for global electronics development companies in either major research and development or manufacturing bases. For example, for semiconductors almost 80 per cent of the activity comes from foreign direct investment.

A key sub-sector of this market is power electronics comprising devices, components and applications that control motors, provide energy savings and convert currents. This area is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years.  By 2018 it could be worth as much as £175 bn with the bulk of demand coming from the electrification of cars, Industry 4.0 transformation and environmental regulation.

How can the MTC help?

As a leader in Digitising Manufacturing, we can help to exploit the major opportunities in Smart Factories which will enable manufacturers to increase flexibility in production. By increasing automation through the use of sensors and configurable robots on the assembly line, they will be able to mass-produce items built to individual customer orders and specifications.

This has not been possible in consumer electronics, where traditionally products have been produced in high volumes to the same specification.  Smart Factories have the ability to completely change this thinking.  It is also thought this new level of flexibility will encourage further innovation as OEMs will be able to build prototypes and new products quickly without the need to invest in expensive tooling. If automation can be successfully applied in this area, there should be marked improvements in quality and reactiveness, with more agile supply chains and flexible configuration of products.

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