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The MTC provides a unique environment bringing the country's leading academics, engineers and industry professionals together to develop and demonstrate new technologies on an industrial scale. This allows our clients to develop new manufacturing processes in a safe, neutral industrial setting without the constraints of a commercial production environment.

The MTC is an open access centre; we provide a flexible approach to working with companies of all sizes from SMEs to Tier 1s and large OEMs. We offer a tailored service designed to meet the needs of individual companies and is not limited to MTC members. This ranges from consultancy support on a single project to a long-term relationship for programme based projects and membership options for those businesses looking for a long term relationship.

Our researchers work closely with the end users, engineers and operators to develop the most appropriate manufacturing system solution. As a client, you will gain profitably from our collective industrial experience, extensive technical know-how and cross-sector contacts, which enable us to resolve your opportunity that will benefit your business.

We are delivering solutions across UK manufacturing. Our clients represent a diverse range of companies across a number of sectors including aerospace, automotive, rail & transport, informatics, food & drink, defence, construction & civil engineering, oil & gas and electronics.

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