Double Success for the MTC

Double Success for the MTC

Date: Monday 20 April 2015

News Double Success for the MTC

Two global leaders join MTC community.

The fast-growing Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry is celebrating a double success after attracting two leading international technology companies to join its prestigious list of members.

Capvidia, a global supplier of software for computer-aided design analysis and measurement, and IPG Photonics, the world’s leading provider of high power fibre lasers, have both joined the MTC and will begin working on major projects with MTC engineers.

Capvidia, established in 1994, is a leading CAD software supplier to manufacturers all over the world, specialising in CAD data translation and CAD quality assurance and validation, as well as simulation. The company is headquartered in Belgium, with a US headquarters in Minnesota. It also has operations in Germany and Japan.

IPG Photonics supplies high power lasers and amplifiers to companies around the world for use in materials processing and micro-machining. The company has its headquarters in the United States with manufacturing operations in Germany and Italy. Its UK base is in London.

Tomasz Luniewskir, chief executive and founder of Capvidia, said: “We look forward to working with the MTC to provide the UK industry with inter-operability solutions for CAD, CAM and metrology. Model-based engineering (MBE) is an area where there will be a lot of growth in coming years and we believe that Capvidia’s technology will enable engineering and manufacturing organisations to realise the benefits of full inter-operability.”

MTC chief executive Clive Hickman said that attracting two distinguished international names to the MTC at the same time was a major coup.

“We now have more than 80 industrial member companies across a wide range of sectors. We are working with the world’s elite engineers and manufacturers and growing at a rate that couldn’t have been envisaged when we were established in 2010,” he said.

A picture tells a thousand words, and seeing our project come to life in the MTC virtual reality CAVE knocks the spots off a thousand pictures!

Bob Panther
Client of Hickman & Smith Architects