iBASEt joins the MTC

iBASEt joins the MTC

Date: Thursday 13 November 2014

News iBASEt joins the MTC

iBASEt, the creators of Solumina’s Product Lifecycle Execution (PLE) software suite, is pleased to announce their Industrial Membership in the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

MTC is a globally-known research facility that develops and showcases the most advanced production solutions shaping the future of global manufacturing. The MTC is working with broad spectrum of British companies that span a wide range of industry sectors including aerospace manufacturing. iBASEt brings decades of expertise with complex discrete manufacturers in aerospace, defense and discrete manufacturing and looks forward to making significant contributions to MTC’s success.

iBASEt’s Solumina Product Lifecycle Execution software suite provides manufacturers with a more efficient, streamlined approach to attaining compliance and quality management through integrated, enterprise-wide process control strategies and techniques. Solumina has focused on streamlining change management processes across the extended value chain and the entire product lifecycle for products in the complex manufacturing industry. Solumina also excels at shortening long cycle times and coordinating engineering changes among multiple tiers of suppliers.

"We are looking forward to this opportunity to work closer with industry leaders in Europe to help drive and promote real business results achieved through implementing modern software solutions for manufacturing,"

said Conrad Leiva, VP Product Marketing and Alliances. He continued:

"The MTC is a platform for showcasing the latest and developing new solutions that further optimize Lean information flow and eliminate wasteful steps from manufacturing business processes."

The MTC engineers have been working alongside our team. We’ve all been impressed by their modest attitudes and exceptional knowledge. As a result, we’ll be manufacturing components that couldn’t previously be made.

Jason Aldridge
Managing Director, Arrowsmith