MTC Launches Troubleshooting Team

MTC Launches Troubleshooting Team

Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019

News MTC Launches Troubleshooting Team

New Unit to Help Businesses Improve Productivity and Processes

The Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre has launched a new team of experts to help businesses of all sizes improve productivity, processes and efficiency.

The MTC has responded to customer demand, establishing a team of manufacturing experts and research engineers. The new System Architecture team has hit the ground running, successfully delivering a number of projects with companies in the rail and aerospace sectors.

The team, headed up by senior engineer Nikki Gillatt, will examine company processes to look at opportunities for improvement, identify bottlenecks and look at areas where technology can help reduce costs, increase safety, save time or improve productivity.

Nikki Gillatt said the important thing was to understand exactly what the customer company wanted to achieve and then launch an intense examination of what needed to be done. System architects understand and work with all areas of the MTC to ensure they offer the right solutions for companies from SMEs to OEMs.

"Sometimes it could be a matter of clearing bottlenecks with technology, or helping the company with process improvement. Once the need for technology, automation or process improvement is established, we use our cross-industrial knowledge to recommend and develop solutions tailored to suit."

"Technology is not always the answer, but if it is we will identify the best improvements from the myriad of automation available. We have worked in businesses in the aerospace and rail sectors with significant success, with technology having a dramatic impact on their operations, subsequently providing a return on investment," she said.

It has been a life changing experience to work with MTC since my graduation. The chance to work on leading projects with nice and intelligent colleagues in a modern R&D environment has been great. I don't regret joining!
Qinqin Zhang
Research Engineer - Net Shape Manufacturing