Panasonic and MTC to develop connected business solutions

Panasonic and MTC to develop connected business solutions

Date: Wednesday 15 February 2017

News Panasonic and MTC to develop connected business solutions

Panasonic Business has joined the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, in a bid to drive forward innovation within the rail and utilities sector.

MTC was formed to provide a competitive environment to bridge the gap between university-based research and the development of pioneering manufacturing solutions.

Panasonic is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and develops devices as varied as semi-conductors and intelligent software systems. The company also has a stated aim to develop bespoke connected, intelligent technology solutions that drive innovation within business.

An example of such a solution is a trespass warning system developed for the UK railway network. The new, automated system helps to prevent trespass incidents at known hot spots, which cause customer delays and cost the railway network millions of pounds every year.

“While our foundations are in consumer electronics, globally Panasonic is now 70 per cent B2B,” said Tony O’Brien, managing director of the European solutions team at Panasonic Business.

“We look forward to working with MTC to develop the connected technology solutions of the future for businesses.”

MTC chief executive Dr Clive Hickman said the addition of Panasonic as a member would boost the centre’s capabilities in connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“For the last three decades, Panasonic has been the world’s leading patent producer, so innovation is at the heart of the business. This can be incredibly beneficial to MTC,” he said.

"I see a huge opportunity with our various research teams inviting Panasonic into current projects knowing that they have such a rich heritage in design and innovation.”

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Dr Katy Milne
Technology Manager, Metrology and NDT