Sensofar Joins Manufacturing Technology Centre

Sensofar Joins Manufacturing Technology Centre

Date: Friday 2 August 2019

News Sensofar Joins Manufacturing Technology Centre

High-end surface metrology instrument manufacturer joins the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

Sensofar Group, a high-end surface metrology instrument manufacturer, has joined the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) after seeing the value and opportunities that come from being a member. With both the MTC and Sensofar having interests in pursuing advanced and inline surface measurement, we’ll be working closely together to innovate future technologies alongside industry and academia.

Sensofar’s capabilities within surface metrology includes the ability to integrate surface metrology instruments into harsh manufacturing environments and perform inline inspections. This enables fast, automated 3D surface measurements over a wide range of scales using three combined techniques in the same instrument – Confocal, Interferometry and Focus Variation.

Sensofar Group is a multi-national company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialise high-end 3D surface metrology instruments. Research and development is an additional goal of the company with more than 20% turnover investment. They have been combining the new product lines with some value-added improvements based on our comprehensive knowledge of the optical metrology field and by working very closely with research centres and universities across Europe.

Sensofar also provide consultancy within the field of metrology, and pursues a philosophy of guaranteeing advanced techniques, high quality and customer services. The Sensofar Group headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain, with more than 50 employees and a yearly turnover exceeding 10 million euros. The Group is represented in over 30 countries through a global network of partners and has its own offices in Asia, Germany, and the United States.

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The MTC engineers have been working alongside our team. We’ve all been impressed by their modest attitudes and exceptional knowledge. As a result, we’ll be manufacturing components that couldn’t previously be made.

Jason Aldridge
Managing Director, Arrowsmith