Apprentice Profile: Oscar Pickerill

Apprentice Profile: Oscar Pickerill

Case Studies Apprentice Profile: Oscar Pickerill


What do you do at the MTC?

As an apprentice with the MTC, we took 10 weeks studying each of the three themes (Metrology, CNC and Automation) and then we were given the opportunity to specialise in one of them and further our knowledge in that field. Personally, I have chosen to specialise in automation because it is something that I really enjoy and would like to have a future career in robotics.

What path did you take to get here?

I took A levels in Physics, Maths, Product Design and French and after completing them, I enrolled onto the MTC apprenticeship scheme.

Which engineering innovations excite you the most?

It is exciting to see how robots are beginning to be more common-place and affordable in industry and how they are improving productivity everywhere.

Why is the Tilly Shilling Initiative important?

The Tilly Shilling initiative is important as people need to be aware that engineering is a career for anyone.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in STEM?

My advice would be not to be pushed towards university despite many schools being very adamant that it is the only 'good' route. Apprenticeships can provide the same if not better opportunities and can also give the opportunity to take a paid degree later on.

Who is your favourite engineer in history?

My favourite engineer is Frank Whittle who invented the jet engine, as his invention revolutionised aerospace and allowed people to improve on his initial design and push the world forward.

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It is my pleasure to contribute my skills and knowledge to a world class research centre.

I feel proud when our ideas and solutions help to solve current and future manufacturing challenges. Certainly, it’s not business as usual.
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