Chafer Machinery: Improving processes to achieve on time delivery

Chafer Machinery: Improving processes to achieve on time delivery

Case Studies Chafer Machinery: Improving processes to achieve on time delivery

The MTC worked with Chafer Machinery to improve work areas and introduce a visual management system, leading to a significant reduction in build hours.

"We’ve gone from building our typical machines in 370 hours, down to 205 hours, that represents a 45% saving in man hours per machine. To bring this into context, we’ve managed to double our turnover in two years without significantly increasing our overhead costs.” Rob Starkey, Managing Director, Chafer Machinery
The Challenge

Chafer Machinery build strong, technologically advanced and simple to operate spraying equipment. Struggling to meet delivery times, the challenge for Chafer was how to produce the machines using the current resources, whilst maintaining a high quality end product. The MTC was tasked with reducing build hours, increasing capacity and flexibility to ensure on time delivery to the customer and maximising profit.

MTC’s Solution

Working areas were improved, creating individual colour coded bays, standardised tooling and flow racks for kitted parts. Visual management was introduced in the workshop for the fitters and management, allowing greater visibility of the production plan.

The Outcome

  • Optimised factory layout
  • Specification created for future investment in technology, including what to buy and when to invest
  • Reduction in work in progress
  • Reduction in production costs
  • Workforce brought into the improvement programme
  • Trials completed to prove improvement proposal and mitigate risk of investment
Benefits to the Client

  • 45% reduction in man hours per machine, from 370 to 205 hours
  • Doubled turnover in two years without a significant increase in overhead costs
  • Achieving delivery times, resulting in great customer feedback
"We’ve been able to adapt big changes into an environment that’s already quite busy. Having the MTC behind us makes the changes seem easier and more achievable.” Ben Hand, Production Manager, Chafer Machinery
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