Engineer Profile: Gurpreet Ghataore

Engineer Profile: Gurpreet Ghataore

Case Studies Engineer Profile: Gurpreet Ghataore


What do you do at the MTC?

I’m a Research Engineer in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems team in Intelligent Automation.

What path did you take to get here?

I did my A-levels in Maths, Physics, Biology and Economics and went on to study Mechanical Engineering (MEng) at Loughborough University. I did a placement year in the Automotive industry and then joined the Graduate Scheme here at the MTC after finishing my degree. I did rotations in Controls and Connectivity and Robotics and Autonomous Systems before becoming a Research Engineer in the team.

Which engineering innovations excite you the most?

Collaborative robotics is quite exciting. The development of robots that can work safely alongside humans in industrial environments is extremely interesting.

Why is the Tilly Shilling Initiative important?

The Tilly Shilling Initiative gives us the opportunity to discuss and improve on any diversity issues we face both internally and externally. The initiative helps to inspire young individuals to explore, learn and enjoy STEM subjects and hopefully consider careers in these fields in the future. STEM subjects and careers are for anyone and Tilly Shilling Initiative works to promote that message.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in STEM?

There is something out there for everyone! Speak to people around you in STEM careers and see what interests you. Summer placements and internships are a great way to get some experience as well as figure out what you like and don’t like! Consider both university degrees and apprenticeships, there are several different routes to your future career. Everyone is different, so make sure you pick the route that suits you!

Who is your favourite engineer in history?

Stephanie Kwolek, the woman who invented Kevlar and Mary Jackson, NASA’s first black female engineer!

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I enjoyed the day at the MTC and I'm glad that I have now visited. 

I can see the real benefits for the customers, which is where the facilities come into their own. 

Thanks for inviting me.

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