Engineer Profile: Junuz Jakupovic

Engineer Profile: Junuz Jakupovic

Case Studies Engineer Profile: Junuz Jakupovic


What do you do at the MTC?

My job title is a Technology Exploitation Officer for Digital Manufacturing.

I support the business development and growth of Digital Manufacturing and run activities across the High Value Manufacturing Catapults, which include:

• Organising of the MTC’s Digitalising Manufacturing conference.

• Leading the MTC’s Digital Diagnostic & cross catapult diagnostic.

• Project management and delivery of European initiatives for Digitalisation and IoT.

What path did you take to get here?

After studying Business and Marketing for 2 years at Coventry University, I decided to take a year out to get some experience and so I started my career at the MTC through the Year in Industry scheme back in 2015.

Following my placement year, I continued to work at the MTC on a part time basis while I completed my degree. After successfully graduating University I started working full time in 2017 as a Technology Exploitation Officer.

Which engineering innovations excite you the most?

I have a particular interest in all things Digital and am keen to see the evolvement of Artificial Intelligence and how it will shape our future.

Why is the Tilly Shilling initiative important?

The initiative is important as the MTC are keen on promoting engineering and manufacturing as professions and hope to have a positive effect on changing the industry.

As I myself am not an Engineer, I believe the industry itself plays an integral role in the future growth of the UK economy, I am therefore very passionate in getting all kinds of people from different backgrounds working together to benefit the UK.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all areas which will continue to grow and the demand for talented people always exist.

Therefore, if this is an area somebody would like to go into, I would advise them to think big and have an ambition to make a real impact on society. Everything else will fall into place as long as the ambition and motivation is there.

Who is your favourite engineer in history?

Nikola Tesla as he was from former Yugoslavia like myself and also for his work with Edison. However, I am very fond of Elon Musk who is in the process of creating history and a great inspiration to us all.

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Steve and his team carry an air of calm and confidence whilst transmitting an absolute passion for what you do.

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Send me some boxes to tick, because the visit ticked them all.

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