Engineer Profile: Melanie Armstrong

Engineer Profile: Melanie Armstrong

Case Studies Engineer Profile: Melanie Armstrong


What do you do at the MTC?

I’m part of the Technology Transformation Team. We deliver business improvement through technology packages, encouraging businesses to adopt either off the shelf solutions and/or innovative engineering applications.

What path did you take to get here?

A degree in Metallurgy(Newcastle University), British Steel plant operations and quality, Fellowship in Manufacturing Management (Cranfield University), Chartered Engineer, various manufacturing management roles, 25 years self-employed consultant, coach, recruiter and teacher educator (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills), then came to the MTC as an associate and converted to FTE January 2017.

Which engineering innovations excite you the most?


Why is the Tilly Shilling initiative important?

Because it raises awareness of the significance of engineering and science in everyday lives, often completely overlooked in the media.  We all need reminding of the contribution women can and do make to the advancement of science and engineering.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in STEM?

Be open to opportunities. Keep positive. Be prepared to work hard.  Maintain high standards. Never give up.

Who is your favourite engineer in history?

Ada Lovelace, closely followed by Beatrice Shilling.

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