Engineer Profile: Melanie Bombardiere

Engineer Profile: Melanie Bombardiere

Case Studies Engineer Profile: Melanie Bombardiere


What do you do at the MTC?

I am a Research Engineer in Net Shape Manufacturing. I am in the Pilot Production team where we look at designing components for manufacturing processes such as Hot and Cold Isostatic Pressing.

What path did you take to get here?

I studied Engineering in the north of France where I specialised in Mechanical Engineering. I moved to the UK to study Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University. I joined the MTC as part of the graduate scheme where I rotated around the company for two years.

Which engineering innovations excite you the most?

New materials that allow the constant evolution of our everyday lives! Would have we been able to harvest and store sustainable energy efficiently without photovoltaic panels, windmills, waterotors… and what about new batteries for electric cars!

Why is the Tilly Shilling Initiative important?

The TSI promote and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers through STEM activities. I believe everyone could do wonderful things if they are given the knowledge, the courage and the faith that they need to make a difference in the future.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in STEM?

If you believe you do not have what it takes to do STEM, think again… Right first time does not exist, and you will not make a difference without making mistakes and learning from them!

Who is your favourite engineer in history?

I heard of Emily Warren Roebling during my early years or engineering classes. She took over the supervision and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband, the Chief Engineer, fell ill. Not only the bridge was successfully completed, but Emily did not stop there and was involved in multiple women’s causes.

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The MTC facility exudes excellence from the moment you step through the front door.

Steve and his team carry an air of calm and confidence whilst transmitting an absolute passion for what you do.

Best afternoon I’ve spent away from the office for a long, long time.

Send me some boxes to tick, because the visit ticked them all.

Colin St.John
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