Healthy outlook for Minta Medical after MTC modifications

Healthy outlook for Minta Medical after MTC modifications

Case Studies Healthy outlook for Minta Medical after MTC modifications

The MTC modifies the manufacturing processes of Minta Medical using a standard operation approach

“It was important that we didn’t just expand our production facility without improving the existing working practices and production layout. We managed to achieve both working with the MTC.”
Andy Edwards, Managing Director, Minta Medical Ltd.

The Challenge

• Following a growth in their business, Minta Medical were concerned the current manufacturing layout and location were constraining productivity.
• Minta Medical were extending their factory and approached the MTC to investigate their full range of manufacturing processes using a standard operation approach.

MTC’s Solution

• Identify processes and trial solutions to reduce cycle times whilst maintaining quality standards.
• Develop an efficient operations and material flow layout to modify internal logistics processes.
• Create a training programme for new staff so they can achieve the expected run rates within their probation period.

The Outcome

• Workstations were re-designed and a layout created to optimise workflow in the factory extension.
• Low level technology fixtures and simple automation were designed and implemented for the time intensive manual processes.
• Accelerated training programmes were developed, so that new staff could achieve expected run rates.

Benefits to the client

• A productivity improvement of 25 per cent has resulted in a 60 per cent increase in output.
• Further improvement plans were put in place to achieve an additional 20% increase in output.
• Using the structured approach introduced by the MTC, the operations staff were able to continue identifying improvement opportunities.

“We maximised productivity whilst maintaining our product quality. Our workforce also changed their way of thinking towards improvements. We are now fully operational in our new facility, working in a more structured and efficient manner.”
Andy Edwards, Managing Director, Minta Medical Ltd.

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I was very impressed with the whole experience working with Steve and Dave.
They came onsite, listened and then saw the problems we were having with our process. We explained how we wanted the process improved and they delivered with a number of solutions.
I cannot fault their commitment, brilliant work for the Brilliant Factories project.

Chris Gray
GE Oil & Gas