The ANVIL project aims to evaluate current state-of-the-art metal powder bed machines (EBM and SLM) for the production of parts across a wide range of sectors, with the aim of creating an industry standard and bank of resources for end users.

ANVIL will make great strides in creating an industry standard practice toolkit, which will have a meaningful impact on industry for years to come. This will be achieved through engaging a wider range of expertise, considering a broader range of applications and assessing a range of machines and materials using a comprehensive and structured approach.

ANVIL has several key strands:

Bench Marking

  • Development of a standard benchmark part, build and assessment procedure to enable powder bed machines to be accurately compared.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

  • Creation of a design guide for additive manufacturing, combining expertise from industrial and academic partners.


  • Produce a suite of redesigned demonstration parts and assessment data.

Business Process changes

  • Guidance on shop floor simulation and cost modelling will be produced from the project data, including a route map to introducing new technology.

Sharing best practice

  • Information will form part of a National Additive Manufacturing database which will be held by the HVM Catapult.

For more information about ANVIL contact or visit the anvil website

A picture tells a thousand words, and seeing our project come to life in the MTC virtual reality CAVE knocks the spots off a thousand pictures!

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