Real-Time dynamic control system for laser welding

The RADICLE project aims to create a multi-sensor, real-time adaptive control system for laser welding that can deliver zero defects.

The report identified the key growth sectors for laser welding to be:

  • Automotive - 165,000 new cars produced every day
  • Aerospace – airlines will buy more than 36,000 planes in the next 20 years
  • Energy/power – wind power capacity alone increased by 35/5 GW in 2013
  • Medical – the market for stents exceeds $5 billion
  • Agricultural equipment – 6.8% increase per year through 2016
  • Fabricated metal parts – over $2 trillion per annum

To find out more about the RADICLE project, please visit the project website or view the poster below:

Radicle Project Poster Radicle Project Poster

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The RADICLE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation progamme under grant agreement no. 636932. Information is provided as is and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose. The user thereof uses the information at its sole risk and liability.


I was very impressed with the whole experience working with Steve and Dave.
They came onsite, listened and then saw the problems we were having with our process. We explained how we wanted the process improved and they delivered with a number of solutions.
I cannot fault their commitment, brilliant work for the Brilliant Factories project.

Chris Gray
GE Oil & Gas