Industrialising Laser Functional Texturing

We are reducing the complexity and unknowns in the functional texturing process by developing a fully digitised knowledge management platform and an advanced end-user interface to enable industrialisation of the process.

The project will deliver:

  • Cost savings: The capability to deliver surface functionalities into real products for less than 10% of the cost of the conventional part
  • Improved product performance: More than 20% improvement in product performance based on the surface functionalities deployed
  • Faster product development
  • A strengthened global position for European manufacturing

Project objectives

SHARK aims to industrialise laser functional texturing by boosting the productivity, cost effectiveness and flexibility of the process.

Our objectives are:

  • To significantly increase productivity and cost effectiveness by reducing time required for laser processing, inspection and product design and introduction;
  • To develop a highly robust laser texturing system capable of producing different surface textures for specific functionalities, supported by modelling tool development and in-line inspection tools;
  • To develop a scalable integrated digital platform with high data security;
  • To demonstrate and commercially exploit laser surface texturing in the tooling, food and drink, medical and power generation sectors.

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