Core Research Programme

Core Research Programme

What is the real value of the CRP?

All members who opt into the CRP have the opportunity to define potential projects that will lead to future cost savings and increased productivity and efficiency.

The value of the CRP extends beyond responding to industry’s challenges, and the benefits have an impact beyond the life of any single project.

Members taking part will:

  • gain exposure to new ideas, technologies and innovations
  • collaborate with other members, sectors and MTC’s academic partners
  • access a wide range of expertise across the supply chain and across a range of industry sectors
  • benefit from shared project costs, resources and risks
  • benefit from access to intellectual property
  • have their CRP cash contribution uplifted via catapult match funding and member in-kind contributions
  • increase publicity through case studies.

The first CRP was launched in July 2012 with 15 projects voted for by the Technology Advisory Board (TAB) and ratified by the MTC Programme Board.

The CRP cycle is completed twice a year; April and October.

To find out more about CRP contact Ken Young at the MTC

The MTC Core Research Programme is a culmination of our staff and members combined vision for developing innovative processes in manufacturing.

Ken Young, Technology Director




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New high spec equipment and software for research projects is continually coming into the business. This gives many training opportunities and with work being so varied I don't think I would ever have the opportunity to get bored at the MTC. The MTC is also very determined to progress engineers to chartered status. This supports my development but also awards me with an internationally recognised qualification.
Mehul Parmar
MTC Assembly Systems