Manufacturing Design & Simulation

Manufacturing Design & Simulation

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Demonstrating why a virtual culture is essential in transforming business

The Design and Simulation approach provides our clients with a ‘Right the First Time’ innovative product, process and facility utilising the latest design techniques and simulation tools ensuring their product reaches the marketplace successfully.

The Design and Simulation theme provides a professional engineering service supporting inventors, through to large OEMs.

Adopting a Design and Simulation approach not only reduces product, process, and manufacturing risks, it optimises product design by determining the primary product characteristics. It reduces product development time; manufacturing costs and optimises the life cycle performance. Assembly process design with virtual validation effectively de-risks manufacturing strategies, reducing facility installation and commissioning time and improving time to market.

The application of Digital Tools such as Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics supports innovation in product and process design, defines process parameters, identifies failure mechanisms and reduces expensive physical testing leading to robust manufacturing processes and quality products. Discrete Event Simulation enables optimal digital facility design, detailed Cost Modelling providing an estimate for investment leading to business case sign off.

So whether you are developing: new products; creating a manufacturing strategy; design improvements or facility optimisation the Design and Simulation Theme will help you on your road to success.

Manufacturing Design & Simulation

Simulation is a pioneering digital technology to help companies reduce many manufacturing risks. Using this technology and your data, you can enhance quality and prove and justify new products and processes, all in a virtual world before committing to large capital expenditure.

The MTC helps companies, understand and implement simulation from discrete processes to entire production systems. We can increase the chances of getting manufacturing procedures, right, first time. This state of the art technology is already transforming companies of all sizes across a wide range of sectors, for military and defense to automotive and construction. So whether you're adopting a new manufacturing process, developing new production systems or looking to make your facility more productive. 

The MTC is here to take your ideas from Digital to Reality. To find out more speech or industry leading team today.

New high spec equipment and software for research projects is continually coming into the business. This gives many training opportunities and with work being so varied I don't think I would ever have the opportunity to get bored at the MTC. The MTC is also very determined to progress engineers to chartered status. This supports my development but also awards me with an internationally recognised qualification.
Mehul Parmar
MTC Assembly Systems