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Metrology & NDT

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Developing and applying the next generation of metrology and non-destructive testing (NDT)

Metrology & Non-destructive Testing develops and applies technology solutions for process and product quality for multiple sectors including aerospace, power generation, defence, rail and infrastructure. We have access to world class monitoring and inspection capability, both on-site and through our members. 

Metrology and Non-destructive Testing has the following offerings:

  • Support to industry for the development and implementation of quality control plans –for both new and existing manufacturing processes.
  • Independent review, selection and validation of monitoring and inspection systems – both hardware and software.
  • Reverse engineering.

Metrology & Non-destructive Testing carries out strategic research in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and inspection for advanced manufacturing processes, including net shape and additive manufacturing. 
  • Computer Aided Quality: Development and integration of digital tools and processes for quality, including data management, simulation and optimisation.
  • Automated Inspection: Automation of inspection planning, execution and data analysis for applications including dimensional metrology, non-destructive testing and automated visual inspection. 

Our research is highly multi-disciplinary. It is carried out in collaboration with other groups at MTC (including Intelligent Automation & Informatics, Design and Simulation and Component Technology) and with research partners across our extensive global network.

Metrology and Non Destructive Testing Technologies

Metrology and non destructive testing technologies, determine the quality and integrity of components through inspection, resulting in traceable and repeatable products. 

The MTC helps customers improves the quality of their components and processes, by ensuring the most appropriate inspection technology is implemented, enabling right first time manufacturing to boost productivity. 

The MTC services include; inspection system, validation and selection for new and existing processes, asset digitisation to allow intelligent use of data. We undertake research on in process inspection for advanced manufacturing processes, like additive manufacturing and a driving forward research in computer aided quality, expanding the use of data in manufacturing. Inspection technologies are vital to high value manufacturing.  

Anything that is being made, must be inspected and approved before use. When implemented properly, these technologies can mean that your product is safer, stronger, and performs better than the competition. The MTC has one of the largest Metrology and Non Destructive testing teams in the UK, with the extensive experience across a range of sectors. 

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The MTC is an unparalleled environment for a young engineer wishing to break into the industry. The work that we are doing here today will shape the manufacturing industry for years to come. To be part of that is not only exciting but a real privilege.
Dr Clive Hickman
Chief Executive, MTC