Working with us can provide unique access to the MTC and its connections.

These include willing investors, the manufacturing and engineering communities, decision makers from numerous industry sectors and academia as well as the wealth of knowledge and expertise at the MTC itself.

Future investment and exit plans

We can provide access to the wider MTC community and increase the chances of opening the door to your customers. We can introduce you to finance partners, offering secure exit plans and investment dilution.

Development of mature supply chain

We’ll help you build and reinforce robust supply chains, tailored to your business’s specific manufacturing readiness level. We will liaise with you on a consultation basis to develop this.

Product review

Continued evaluation of your product, from design to materials, to ensure it maintains its competitiveness and performance. This will identify costs, quality and time consumption and compare them to the aspiring or established business requirements.

De-risking for full commercialisation

Working with the PMI, and the wider MTC community, your product will benefit from increased investment appeal to help achieve earlier success. In addition, you will receive guidance and support throughout the product’s journey to market.

Continued mentorship

Continued access to the tailored council of experts from both business and technical backgrounds to meet the individual requirements of your product development.

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It is my pleasure to contribute my skills and knowledge to a world class research centre.

I feel proud when our ideas and solutions help to solve current and future manufacturing challenges. Certainly, it’s not business as usual.
Ashwin Gomes
Research Engineer - Intelligent Automation