Product Manufacturing Incubator

Product Manufacturing Incubator

We can provide start-ups and SMEs a de-risked environment to create a successful and sustainable new business. Our team offers an end-to-end service. It can assist with the development of a new idea or product and accelerate its journey to market.

Product Manufacturing Incubator is beneficial to entrepreneurs looking to design and produce the vital first 100 market seeding products - convincing potential investors of the benefits to come.  It can also assist with the launch of a new product, without disrupting the existing production.   

  • Business incubation consulting services including:
    • corporate strategy
    • IP strategy
    • manufacturing strategy
    • sales and marketing strategy
    • support navigating funding options, including government grants
  • Engineering consultancy services, including:
    • product development engineering, leveraging the full capability of disruptive manufacturing technologies
    • prototyping and prototype optimisation
    • efficient manufacturing process design, simulation and physical prove-out
    • virtual reality 3D CAD visualisation
    • quality management

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail or arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated consultants, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We're here to assist in the sustained, profitable growth of your business. 

A picture tells a thousand words, and seeing our project come to life in the MTC virtual reality CAVE knocks the spots off a thousand pictures!

Bob Panther
Client of Hickman & Smith Architects