Product Manufacturing Incubator (PMI)

Providing a de-risked environment for businesses. 

If you would like our team to help your business or product develop, please complete the application form below.

The purpose of this application form is for us to learn a little more about you, your innovation and business and what type of support you'd like from the MTC.

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PMI Application Form

The MTC’s Product Manufacturing Incubator is a hub of innovation, set up to support businesses and bring ideas to market. This unique technology and manufacturing incubation centre provides up-and-coming entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses with the expertise, tools and space to develop their product in a de-risked environment.

We use Design Thinking methodology to support your journey, incorporating:

  • An assessment of your Technology Readiness Level (TRL) / Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL)
  • Ideation and concept generation
  • Design evolution
  • Prototype development, testing and iteration
  • Maturing your product to commercialisation
This approach enables us to work collaboratively with you to de-risk your product development and support the manufacture of your market seeding product.

PMI also offer:

  • Onsite incubation cells for hire
  • Access to MTC capabilities, facilities and expertise
  • Potential access to up to 50% REACH match funding (only applicable to SMEs)

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I enjoyed the day at the MTC and I'm glad that I have now visited. 

I can see the real benefits for the customers, which is where the facilities come into their own. 

Thanks for inviting me.

Mark Johnson
Lloyds Banking Group