Apprentice Trainer (Electrical Installation)
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Reference: 757229 | Status: Accepting applications

Category: Apprenticeships / technical training

Location: Oxford

Salary: £36,000 - £40,000

Type: Permanent

Published date: Friday 20 May 2022

Closing date: Thursday 01 September 2022

Apprentice Trainer (Electrical Installation)

The Vacancy

The role will require you to deliver high quality technical training to small groups of learners through face-to-face or online learning following nationally recognised qualification.

As well as developing technical knowledge and skills you will be instrumental in developing softer skills which are embedded within apprenticeships. This will require you to provide regular constructive feedback to learners and record their impact on their own learning on a regular basis.

Key activities would include:

  • Effective delivery of electrical based knowledge and practical subjects at level 2, 3 and HNC; paying due regard to developing independent learners, and enabling apprentice progression towards successful completion of both the level 3 apprenticeship & HNC programmes.
  • Management of all physical learning resources and teaching spaces required to ensure the training and assessment of learners is achieved within the guided learning hours.
  • Learning content creation and development of apprenticeship trailblazers’ schemes-of-work. Identifying and coordinating the integration of relevant existing training offers from industry partners into the apprenticeship scheme of work
  • Monitoring of the learning environment. Ensuring learner workplace Health, Safety and welfare by working with the DSL
  • Ensuring the progress of the whole caseload of Learners towards completing their apprenticeship in a timely manner. Supporting their individual needs and tailoring your approach to support them.

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