Simulation and Modelling Engineer - Skills and Capabilities Definition Workshops
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Simulation and Modelling Engineer Skills and Capabilities Definition Workshops

The ability to model physical products, processes, and systems, typically via computer software and bespoke hardware platforms, is an important capability for today’s manufacturing and engineering sectors. Innovation and technology are advancing at a pace that we have never experienced before. 

The level of use and pace of technological change makes it important to address the complex nature of the challenges the industry is facing.

The critical need - why is this important to businesses and UK manufacturing?

With the increase in virtual worlds, organisations are becoming more and more familiar with simulation. Being able to model, build resilience, de-risk and remove uncertainties using a variety of digital tools, resulting in better business decisions, is essential to drive and maintain a company’s productivity and competitiveness within their operating sector(s).

So why aren’t we doing more of this?

Simulation is nothing new – it’s been around for decades! But recruiting and developing in-house capability can be perceived as a costly and time-consuming activity, with the reliance on expensive external consultants, challenging for a lot of organisations.

Coupled with the above, there is currently limited education and training provision to create a pipeline of individuals with the skills required to competently undertake a broad range of modelling and simulation activities. The provision that is on offer is not always easy to access and the practical application of models, tools and techniques within the workplace is limited.

This makes it even harder for modelling and simulation to be adopted as a core activity and commonplace within an organisation.

This is your chance to help UK manufacturing overcome the skills shortages and barriers to adopting modelling and simulation into their decision-making practices, ensuring we are developing a workforce with future-proof skills aligned to industry needs and emerging technologies.


The project offers you a fantastic opportunity to share your experience and knowledge in contributing to the identification of requirements for a simulation & modelling engineer job role. 

The aim of this project is to make specific and relevant recommendations as to how best to create an appropriate environment that will enable the UK education and training sector to actively support the education and development of simulation & modelling engineers.

The project aim will be achieved by the completion of the following objectives:

  • Canvass experts to capture the required knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) of the simulation & modelling engineer job role
  • Refine and express these KSBs within a competency framework document
  • Identify how the development needs of the role are served by the current training provision, and what the gaps are
  • Propose the actions and required curricula to bridge the gap within the current training provision

How to be involved


The initial phase of the project will be to run virtual and face-to-face workshops to capture the thoughts and experiences of interested parties and subject matter experts with relevant industrial and research experience in simulation and modelling.

The duration of each workshop is typically 2-3 hours. It would be very much appreciated if you are able to join us at one of the workshops.

We would like to offer you the chance to share your knowledge and expertise and play an important part in the definition of this essential role.



In addition to the workshops, we would value your participation in a 15-20 minute questionnaire to share your views and experiences around simulation & modelling requirements within your organisation. 

Interested but want to know more?

If you would like to speak to someone about the project in more detail, please email your enquiry to:

Face-to-Face Workshop at the MTC

Monday 10th October

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Virtual Workshop

Wednesday 19th October

Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm 


The Future Skills Team

We support UK manufacturing by developing a workforce with future-proof skills aligned to industry needs and emerging technologies. Our vision is to be the leading provider of specialist skills development for underserved manufacturing capabilities.

We work with organisations to address complex learning solutions that form part of their operation but do not necessarily fit with their core expertise, allowing them to focus on where they are best placed to add value to their business.


What sets us apart is the quality of our technical, management and consultancy expertise in the field of Training, Learning & Development. We are renowned for our experience, the quality of our people and have an unparalleled reputation for results and project delivery.

We use our unique combination of technical, management and analytical expertise to challenge our customers to think differently about how they approach their complex and critical services to find the best way to help them achieve their objectives to ultimately grow and become more competitive.


The Modelling & Simulation Team

We are a multi-disciplined team capable of modelling and simulating microstructures, materials, products, processes, factories, businesses and supply chains.

We work in many sectors such as food and drink, energy, space, construction, defence, aerospace, pharma, fast-moving consumer goods. We collaborate with establishments of any size in academia, research technology organisations and industry.  

Our focus is on helping UK manufacturing make good business decisions, informed by good modelling and simulation practices, as well as supporting investment strategies and business change that considers environmental and economic cost/benefit implications. We do this by:

  • Researching, promoting and applying good practice modelling and simulation methodologies
  • Enabling the adoption of modelling and simulation practices to inform business decisions ​
  • Identifying, developing and establishing standards and benchmarks
  • Influencing strategies at local and national levels, supporting skills creation, training and the development of capabilities to provide relevant solutions

Our vision is to develop a portal that provides easy access to analysis, generic tools and templates, standards and benchmarks, and even data. i.e. sharing good practices for UK Manufacturing, especially for small, medium enterprises and/or those new to modelling and simulation.

This portal would enable a network across academia and industry, linking those looking to use modelling and simulation, with those researching the latest trends and those developing new technologies to support new business approaches, novel products and processes and new materials. i.e. encouraging a broad spectrum of collaborative working to create innovation through the use of modelling and simulation.

In addition, this portal will enable easy access to relevant forums, research, publications and education providers giving access to upskilling opportunities in modelling and simulation.