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The United Kingdom has a strong history in research and development of medical devices and in technologies for the delivery of healthcare. The UK has many successful specialist manufacturing companies and smaller producers in emerging areas of technology.

The UK has one of the largest medical device markets in the world, valued at £8.1bn in 2013. The market is the sixth largest in the world and third largest in Europe. The UK market is projected to reach a size of around £11.3bn by 2018. The growth of the UK medical device market is predominantly import-led but is an equally strong global exporter of medical devices and still remains in the world's top 10.

How can the MTC help?

It is expected there will be a significant rise in remote monitoring and point-of-care testing, smart wearable or implantable devices and patient-managed diagnostic and administered medication delivery devices.  New technologies will need to be proven and verified that incorporate hybrid additive manufacture/3D printing, novel surface functionalities, precision and nano-scale manufacturing as well as more improved integration at system level.  The systems integration can be anything from multiple hardware and software components to devices with data enabling post-market surveillance and further intelligence to feedback into manufacturing processes.  

It is my pleasure to contribute my skills and knowledge to a world class research centre.

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Ashwin Gomes
Research Engineer - Intelligent Automation