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Robotics & Autonomous Systems

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Developing the next generation of manufacturing automation

Automation has been proven to increase a company’s level of competitiveness, profitability and productivity, yet the UK lacks behind in the uptake of these technologies. The MTC seeks to help UK industry to develop and implement robotic automation systems.

The MTC works across a number of industrial sectors, reflecting automation’s ability to enhance most manufacturing tasks. With a wide range of experience from across industry in automating difficult and challenging processes we work with industry and academic partners to develop and implement automation systems. The MTC has two main research areas relating to automation;

  • Advanced technologies including robotic manipulators, sensing technologies, adaptability & the ability to think and act autonomously.
  • Methods that enable end users to deploy automation quickly with a robust business case

To support this, the MTC has experience across industry in the detailed mechanical, controls and software engineering design and development through to systems integration, migration and support. We have an extensive array of world-class equipment ranging from state of the art robotic and automation systems through to industrial scale manufacturing cells.

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Robot on a central part of any multi factory and the transforming industries worldwide. You can find robot operating across a range of industries, such as automotive, food and drink and aerospace. However, the UK lags behind in the uptake of these technologies.  

The benefits of robots include; reduced production costs since cycle times, whilst providing repeatable quality and significantly improving working conditions for people. This means increased competitiveness, productivity and profits and the potential for more routers and job creation. Today's robots are more agile and have the ability to manage fragile and difficult to handle components. 

They can think, sense or react to changes. While collaborative robots, enable humans and robots to work side by side. The MTC has leading experts in this field, helping companies, understand and implement robotics into their business to improve performance, as well as the risk investment. 

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We are working at the forefront of applied technology. The job is exciting and varied and every day brings a new challenge.
Dr Katy Milne
Technology Manager, Metrology and NDT