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Page: Defence

Opportunity: Director of Defence Sector: Business Development and Programme Delivery (Ref: 993374)

Project: COREF

Page: Security

Page: Defence & Security

News: Robotics and Automation Key to Boosting UK Manufacturing

Case Study: Laser Welding In Vacuum - Process Development

Page: Markets

Industry Event: Combined Naval Event 2024

Case Study: Electroflight: Investigating The Feasibility of Laser Cleaning of Battery Cells to Improve Efficiency, Reliability and Productivity

Page: Meet the team

Project: AMAZE

Technology: Metrology & NDT

Project: ANVIL

MTC Member: BAE Systems

Page: How we can help

Page: How we can help

Page: How we can help

Page: How we can help

Page: How we can help

MTC Member: GKN Aerospace

MTC Member: AWE

Board Member: Vicki Sanderson

Page: Game-Changing New Vision for Braiding

Technology: Modelling and Simulation

MTC Member: Kier

MTC Member: Rolls-Royce

Case Study: Enhancing the Performance of LI-ION Batteries in Harsh Environments

News: Commission to help build manufacturing resilience in the Midlands

MTC Member: Thales

News: £15m funding package for world leading research and technology organisation, the Manufacturing Technology Centre set to be approved by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

MTC Member: CGTech

MTC Member: ITP Aero

Page: Electrification

Opportunity: Executive Assistant (MTC Training) - FTC

Opportunity: Executive Admin Assistant - MTC Ops - FTC (Ref: 1001529)

News: EOS Joins MTC as Tier 3 Members

MTC Member: Prodtex

News: MTC Projects Shortlisted In Prestigious Awards

Opportunity: Advanced Technician - CNC (Ref: 1001240)

News: MTC signs up major UK construction company

Opportunity: Senior Advisor - Digital Transformation (Ref: 930328)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Electrical (Ref: 979853)

Opportunity: Programme Manager - Large Programmes (Ref: 937773)

Opportunity: Apprentice Assessor - Work based North of England (Ref: 977340)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Mechanical/Workshop (Ref: 960428)

Opportunity: Inclusive Learning Coordinator (Ref: 971264)

Opportunity: Manufacturing Engineer - Metrology (Ref: 933915)

Opportunity: Quality Advisor - MTC Training (Ref: 989349)

Opportunity: HTRC Metrology Technician (Ref: 1002098)

Opportunity: HTRC Project Manufacturing Engineer (Ref: MTC998108)

Opportunity: Business Development Executive (Ref: 1000954)

Opportunity: Reward Analyst (Ref: 1005834)

Opportunity: Project Manager - APS (Ref: 1003823)

Opportunity: Director of Future Mobility Sector (Ref: 1002813)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Electrical (Ref: 1006807)

Opportunity: Operations Leader (Ref: 1002851)

Opportunity: Recruitment & Outreach Lead (Ref: 1007114)

Opportunity: Electrical Maintenance Technician (Ref: 964437)

Case Study: Reclaim

News: Ground Breaking Mobile Router Developed At MTC

Opportunity: Apprentice Assessor - Work based FTC (Ref: 977300)

Opportunity: Commercial Trainer and Skills Advisor (Ref: 981693)

Opportunity: Customer Success Manager (Ref: 971939)

Opportunity: Event Sales Manager (Ref: 922621)

Opportunity: Health Physics and Compliance Lead - ILP (Ref: 937901)

Opportunity: HTRC Machining Process Engineer (Ref: 952511)

Opportunity: Programme Delivery Lead (Ref: 984101)

Opportunity: Project Manufacturing Engineer - HTRC (Ref: 980857)

Opportunity: Quality & Improvements Lead (Ref: 974761)

Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Non Destructive Testing (Ref: 883370)

Opportunity: Capital Projects Manager (Ref: 893329)

Opportunity: Business Development Manager - Industry Growth x3 (Ref: 971936)

News: MTC showcases step-change opportunities for the UK construction and infrastructure industry

Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Modelling & Simulation (Ref: 913133)

News: International building consultancy joins the MTC

News: Lithoz signs up as an MTC member

News: Chancellor Visits the Manufacturing Technology Centre as Part of National “Business Connect” Programme

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