We can offer a unique business incubation system, where we can provide the facilities, knowledge and test bed to develop your idea. 

You can access the very latest technology and leading engineers at the MTC, as we seek to create the perfect manufacturing system solution for you, your idea and your aspiring business.

Incubation Space (pre-production)

A fully-configured and flexible space, offering a workshop prototype-build facility and office space. Workshops are a blank canvas and PMI customers can configure equipment to meet their needs.

First 1 to 100 full prototype manufacture

Taking your initial prototype, we can then upscale the production and take a best practice approach to the manufacturing process, with a focus on product consistency and production efficiency based on time, quality and cost.

Back Office support

To enable you to focus on your product development, we can provide a pic’n’mix offering of back office and shared services such as HR, legal, accounting and marketing. You can create your own ‘service wrapper’ tailored perfectly to your needs.


You will have access to a tailored council of experts from both business and technical backgrounds that meet the individual requirements of your product development.

Technical Support

We use the full knowledge of the MTC to work hand-in-hand with you, developing manufacturing system solutions. We blend expertise and world-leading technologies to provide a holistic approach, delivering the most progressive, productive outcome for your business. 

Supply chain support

Given the MTC’s extensive relationships with the manufacturing community, we are in a powerful position to guide your business and define the most appropriate supply chain. This will be based on the product’s demand and the ability of it reaching early business maturity.

This video below shows how we've already helped CellFacts develop their technology to be market-ready.

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I enjoyed the day at the MTC and I'm glad that I have now visited. 

I can see the real benefits for the customers, which is where the facilities come into their own. 

Thanks for inviting me.

Mark Johnson
Lloyds Banking Group