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Food and Drink

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Food and drink accounts for 16 per cent of total United Kingdom manufacturing turnover – making it the largest sector in manufacturing.  It is also responsible for employing more people than any other sector (around 400,000+ direct jobs) and is predicted to need almost 110,000 new recruits by 2022.

UK food and drink companies have a strong reputation for R&D that produces impressive results at an industry level, with growing markets such as functional food development currently worth £1.2bn. The sector already invests heavily in R&D, putting around £425m towards innovation in 2015, which led to the creation of more than 16,000 new products during a single year.

Food and drink manufacturers continue to buck a broader decline in total UK exports over the last 10 years while the sector maintains its reputation as a world leader in improving the quality of its products, beating its sustainability targets and driving new product development.

How can the MTC help?

The food and drink sector is renowned for having some of the most stringent health and safety and control regulations in industry, which has acted as a barrier to investing in automation. However, with the increasing costs of raw materials, energy and labour, the MTC sees a key opportunity to help companies explore the benefits of automation to offer greater flexibility in their outputs and to help de-risk what is potentially a very convoluted investment decision.


New high spec equipment and software for research projects is continually coming into the business. This gives many training opportunities and with work being so varied I don't think I would ever have the opportunity to get bored at the MTC. The MTC is also very determined to progress engineers to chartered status. This supports my development but also awards me with an internationally recognised qualification.
Mehul Parmar
MTC Assembly Systems