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Overcome your manufacturing process challenges with expert support from across our multiple sectors and technologies

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We use the power of great design and tried and tested processes to help organisations reach their full manufacturing potential.  

Whether struggling to find the best tools for use in your manufacturing processes or looking to assess the effectiveness of your factory floor, our team of industry experts can help you get ahead. Our wealth of engineering expertise means we’re ready to take on the most complex problems and give your processes the boost they need.

Working collaboratively, we’ll be a trusted partner on your journey from initial idea to successful outcome. We’ll help you develop and test solutions for new processes, machines and equipment, and remove the risk from more complex projects like large-scale technology integration or factory layouts.

Our extensive network of industry partners enables us to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges covering the whole development lifecycle, boosting your organisation’s expertise and capacity, and getting you over the hurdles you can’t tackle alone.

Mickey Crozier MTC

Meet Mickey, our Process Innovation & Improvement Expert

Mickey has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing equipment industry, specialising in automated laser tools. He has led the development of innovative manufacturing equipment and processes across various sectors, including energy generation and storage, medical sensors, and consumer electronics. Mickey oversees the MTC's battery manufacturing research portfolio and looks after customer engagement and proposal generation for Laser Processing, Additive Manufacturing, and Materials Technology. 

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Our approach

A structured approach to process development and innovation:

Support to grow, scale and access new markets
Process development

Support to grow, scale and access new markets

Our teams will help identify techniques, products and processes that will boost your business and give you a competitive edge.

A trusted partner

  • Ability to navigate the complexities of various sectors such as aerospace, defence, future mobility and future energy
  • Tailor-made services for both SMEs and multi-nationals, delivering scalable solutions aligned with precise technical requirements
  • Engineering prowess and production intelligence– a team of 100 engineers in various disciplines
  • Risk management acumen
  • An agnostic, independent  and trusted partner
  • Proven track record of using design approaches to realise process innovations across different industries
  • Access to a wide network of academic, industrial integrators and governmental partners
MTC trusted partner


Your questions answered

Can you explain your strategy for collaborating with the supply chain and ensuring a smooth handover to UK original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)?

We encourage customers to include initial work packages for supplier identification and provide transparent assessments, acting as a trusted intermediary for a seamless handover.

How do you tailor your services for smaller start-ups versus larger multi-nationals?

What is your process for customer involvement and feedback during the manufacturing process development?

Can you elaborate on the Virtual Build technology mentioned above?

What types of engineering expertise does your team bring to the table?

How do you manage risks throughout the development lifecycle?

Are joint research projects really worthwhile?

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