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Fulfil your product’s potential with support from the leading manufacturing minds and cutting edge technology.

You’ve come up with a great idea, maybe you’ve hit a hurdle that you don’t know how to overcome, or are looking for industry expertise to accelerate development. No matter what stage of the product development journey you’re at, our industry experts are here to support you through every step.

From early-stage ideation through to producing physical proof of concepts, our experts will become part of your team, helping you conquer the most complex of challenges. We take on product-based projects that others can’t, won’t, have failed at, or simply view as too difficult.

We’ll be a guiding hand throughout the entire process – not just product manufacturing - working with you to plug any expertise gaps, evaluating the market, and coming up with exactly the right solution for the problem you’re trying to solve.

Benjamin Bollans MTC

Meet Ben, our Product Innovation & Improvement Expert

Ben is a Chartered Engineer with the IMechE, boasting over 10 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. He has held various engineering roles, leading high-power electro-mechanical product projects globally. At the MTC, Ben has worked across sectors like Construction, Space, and Defence, overseeing large multi-disciplinary teams and driving strategy, technology development, and daily operations. Ben has a strong track record in delivering innovative, collaborative projects.

Our product innovation solutions


Reduce risk

Overcome obstacles

Unlock investment

Our approach

A structured approach to product development and innovation:

Cross-Sector Research
Products being developed

Cross-Sector Research

Our approach enables us to explore various industries to identify solutions that could transfer to your challenges. The ideal solution for your needs might already be thriving in a parallel sector.

A trusted partner

  • An independent, strategic ally overseeing a seamless transition from ideation to product development
  • Access to advanced product manufacturing design tools and methodologies – with a supplier agnostic approach
  • Proven design approaches at product, process and factory level
  • Access to a team of 100 engineers from multiple disciplines 
  • Links with academic, industrial and governmental networks
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Your questions answered

We’re only a small business, can we still get product innovation support from you?

Yes. MTC works with businesses of all sizes – from large corporates to SMEs. SME level is often where many of the most exciting ideas and innovations are born so we’re keen to support smaller businesses in their product development journey.

What stage does my idea need to be at before I work with you?

Why wouldn’t I go straight to a machine builder?

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