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i3P Programme

i3P Discovery Programme

The Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform (i3P) is an innovation community that shares ideas and opportunities across the UK infrastructure industry, promoting a culture of collaboration to positively impact both current and future major project and programme delivery. The launch of the i3P in October 2016 with 22 major construction and infrastructure client and supply chain organisations extended Crossrail’s Innovate18 programme-wide model to ensure an industry-wide approach to innovation.

In 2017 a Technology Roadmap was developed and refined collaboratively with the i3P membership, the MTC, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), industry institutions and academia, with support from the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) as secretariat. The roadmap considered the critical challenges which need to be addressed in order to meet the targets set in the Government’s Construction 2025 Strategy. It is aligned around the three strategic themes of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Sector Deal: Digital Transformation; Manufacturing Construction; and Lifecycle Performance.

The MTC has worked with the i3P to down select and review opportunities related to specific technology work packages and technical strands as outlined in the Technology Roadmap. This work has been led by the MTC through a Discovery Phase 2 Process which establishes the state of the art, benchmarks against other industries, completes TRL / MRL reviews and outline the anticipated benefits to the sector. This work has culminated with 'staircase charts' which set out activities required to raise the TRL / MRL to enable the industrywide application.

The establishment of pathways and dependencies between Technology, Industry and Manufacturing Readiness Levels (TRL / MRL’s) for each technology area will enable the industry to form coherent programmes of work that will transform how Construction and Infrastructure are delivered.

Eight Discovery Phase 2 Projects have been completed to date:

  • The use of wearable technology for Health and Safety;
  • Standardised component sets;
  • Adoption and deployment of technology for skills, training and human factors (e.g. immersive technology);
  • Robotics;
  • Smart asset technologies and sensors;
  • Lifecycle approaches to data creation and management;
  • Inspection for Construction and Infrastructure;
  • Legacy data.

The poster outputs of these projects can be found below.

More information about the i3P can be found in the web link below: