The MTC leading in laser surface texturing development and supply chain enablement
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MTC leading in laser surface texturing development and supply chain enablement

Laser Surface Texturing (LST) applications are growing significantly and the MTC is leading the technological and industrial placement of this technology.

LST changes the properties of engineered surfaces for many industrial applications and sectors including: Electronics, Battery Manufacture, Biomedical, Aerospace, Automotive, Geared Transmissions, White Goods, Food Production and Luxury Goods.



Laser Surface Texturing (LST) is a digitally controlled process for the modification of surface properties.  Lasers of nanosecond pulse durations are used to create patterns in the surface with a high degree of precision and repeatability. These modified surface structures deliver, functional surface properties such as:

Controlled friction:
LST can improve engine performance by reducing friction, increase wear resistance and manage heat load. LST has been applied to automotive and aerospace engine components such as piston rings, bearings and seals to reduce or control friction. The same technology has also been applied to machine tools with similar benefits.

Non-stick (repel):
Non-stick surfaces can be created on metallic substrates substantially improving de-moulding process of polymer and food products. Hydrophobic, water repelling, surfaces have been shown to improve anti-fogging and anti-icing performance in Aerospace components.

LST applied to surgical instruments such as scalpels and needles has been shown to reduce cutting forces, resulting in less damage to tissue, promoting faster recover rates.  LST imparts anti-bacterial properties decreasing the risk of infection.

LST was able to improve surface condition prior to wire bonding and welding in the assembly of battery packs. It has been shown to improve reliability, bond strength and performance of battery modules. LST precision production reduces variability and improves quality resulting in a safer product, especially important for automotive and aerospace applications.   

LST can deliver a wide spectrum of decorative features across a variety of materials, from structural colour to controlled texture.  The machining process inputs little heat and results in a burr free finishing. Importantly LST is highly repeatable across many substrates.

Thermal Control:
LST has been applied to food manufacturing process requiring an improved method of cooling. Strategic application of LST improved thermal efficiency and rapid cooling, this allowed for increased food production with reduced CO2 emission per production cycle.


Industry Leading Capabilities

Tap into world class manufacturing technology expertise, we have a collaborative working style. The MTC is focused on supporting UK industry to overcome the challenges of adopting LST and Laser manufacturing.


Impartial Advice and Guidance

Utilising its breadth of knowledge and expertise, the MTC provides impartial advice and guidance on the most appropriate applications, helping companies manufacture faster, at a consistently higher quality and for a lower cost.


Automating The Process To Become More Competitive

To be truly competitive, businesses need the right tools to boost productivity, which means automating aspects of the production process allowing staff to be utilised where their skills add the most value. LST could potentially save enormous amounts of energy and improve efficiencies of product performance and method of manufacture.


The MTC can support your business by helping select the right parts for laser surface texturing, in order to create business benefit and ROI. The total life cycle costs can be reduced for new products, operations and maintenance. Exploring the benefits of LST requires the evaluation of both technical and commercial issues. The MTC can help by:

  • Providing education on LST and exploring the opportunities LST provides
  • Using our extensive inhouse expertise to assess business opportunities for LST
  • Advising on the business case as well as Make vs Buy decisions
  • Developing manufactured LST trial components to validate selections.
  • Advising on supply chain options for part manufacture


The MTC LST team will work closely with your business to:

  • Capture part requirements
  • Understand the business drivers
  • Assess suitability of laser surface texturing
  • Down select parts for the LST process
  • Develop the business case
  • Highlight a pragmatic the route to LST adoption
  • Advice on training and the supply chain



To find out more about Laser Surface Texturing and how the MTC can support your business with implementing LST, contact the team today. You can get in touch using the form below, or by contacting Michael Beirns via email or call 07711 015664

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