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There are many benefits to being an MTC Member, which is why since being founded in 2011, Membership has grown year-on-year.

A key driver behind the MTC’s unprecedented growth is our unique Membership model.

The MTC now has more than 100 Members, from SMEs to some of the biggest brands in the world such as Unilever, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Siemens. 

The Membership model is built around two types of organisation and seeks to address their different needs: 

  • Technology end users

    These are organisations with manufacturing challenges to solve. They usually cover the cost of Membership with cash. Members use cash fees to commission their own fully-funded manufacturing research projects, and to engage with our Core Research Programme (CRP)*. 

  • Technology providers

    These are organisations with products or services that are relevant to the manufacturing challenges that MTCs customers are seeking to address. They usually cover the cost of Membership via Contribution in Kind (CIK); the provision of goods, services, equipment, training etc. in lieu of cash. CIK is used either to help deliver manufacturing research and CRP projects or to provide access to a particular capability to the wider business.

Our Core Research Programme is collaborative research scheme with annual value of £2m+, delivered with and on behalf of MTC Members. Research outputs are shared.

Our Members see enormous value in engaging with other organisations at the MTC, especially in different sectors, to identify opportunities where ideas and best practice can be shared, and proven technology can be replicated in completely different markets.

We are also actively engaged in externally funded collaborative research programmes, such as Innovate UK and Horizon2020, and our Membership provides an ideal opportunity to form consortia to bid for major R&D projects.

The MTC strives to create technology solutions that are relevant for key UK markets, to add further value to the overall knowledge pool and open up further collaborative opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a member contact

Membership Benefits

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