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Case Study

ALPS: Upskilling senior management drives productivity

Project challenges

The MTC helps ALPS increase their performance and deliver more projects On Time In Full (OTIF), through analysing existing projects to find areas of improvement.

Business challenge

  • Process Innovation


  • Manufacturing

  • Construction and infrastructure

Technology or capability

  • Process Design

The Challenge
  • Architectural Louvre Products and Services Limited (ALPS) were unsuccessful in delivering an acceptable number of projects On Time In Full (OTIF).
  • ALPS approached the MTC to facilitate the up-skilling of their senior management team to drive efficiencies and productivity, ultimately becoming a high performing and self-managing team.
MTC's Solution
  • The MTC created a plan for improvement by analysing previous client projects following the ‘5 Whys’ approach.
  • The findings were communicated to the ALPS senior management team and a team-working exercise was developed to instil and embed a best working practice approach.
  • Actions were identified where suppliers of logistics, engineering and paint finishing were batched to create cost savings and efficient materials handling.

The extensive support from the MTC was invaluable in driving efficiencies into the business.

Paul Dunn, Managing Director, Architectural Louvre Products and Services Limited

The Outcome
  • The awareness of the potential cost savings brought a new energy to the factory and project management teams. This spread to other departments by way of a challenge.
  • Improved order bank management has smoothed the delivery chain and reduced stress on suppliers of services and goods whilst also improving cash flow.
  • Improved team working and empowerment to resolve issues to optimise throughout.
Benefits to the Client
  • Generated bottom line savings in excess of £12,000 for the first quarter
  • Significant improvement of On Time In Full (OTIF)
  • Reliable supply and installation programmed aligned to their onsite requirements, particularly where handover is strictly milestone driven

The MTC’s guidance has improved customer satisfaction and as a bonus added value to the bottom line too.

Paul Dunn, Managing Director, Architectural Louvre Products and Services Limited.

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