Ken Young

Governance imperative in safeguarding against AI

  • Digital Manufacturing

With today’s speech from Rishi Sunak addressing the challenges and risks posed by AI, Ken Young, Chief Technology Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) says:


We’re currently at the tip of the AI iceberg – what we see and understand today is a small fragment, but under the surface there’s a vast amount of opportunity and challenges. With the right governance and understanding, the UK will be well positioned to maximise the benefits and safeguard against the risks of this tech. Here at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) we wholeheartedly support the Prime Minister’s ambition to create the world’s first AI Safety Institute to examine the risks of the technology.

AI presents a great opportunity to transform industry and society, but this hinges on effective regulation. Appropriate governance will allow us to maximise its potential safely, securely and ethically. Therefore it’s crucial to understand the data used in AI models, as well as how it is being trained, to make it more predictable and less susceptible to bias. Looking at UK manufacturing, stakeholders and Government need a steadfast focus on educating and upskilling on AI in order to reap the benefits. Through the digitalisation of the industry, AI has the potential to strengthen decision-making, achieve greater accuracy, enhance productivity and improve safety at work in ways we’ve never seen before. With the prospect of smart factories on the horizon too, it can also propel the move towards truly sustainable manufacturing.

Ken Young, Chief Technology Officer, the MTC