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When you choose to become a member with MTC, you’re choosing to cement your place at the heart of a like-minded and collaborative community. It’s a group with the power to solve each other’s challenges and share each other’s opportunities, united by a passion for progress across the world of manufacturing and technology. 

Who we work with

Reimagining the realms of possibility

From the industry’s biggest brands to the most enterprising SMEs, MTC is a membership group that’s growing in influence every single year. It’s a collection of like-minded organisations that appreciate the immeasurable value found at the intersection of world-leading research and ground-breaking advances.

Home to the Core Research Programme (CRP), our members take a place at the forefront of collaborative projects, working to deliver positive societal impact, whilst addressing challenges of nationally strategic importance. It’s this cross-industry collaboration, magical intermingling of skills and industry-shaping ambition that means the work of the CRP continually reimagines the realms of possibility.

With membership fees contributing directly to the work of the CRP, and with members shaping decisions and contributing solutions, your decision to join MTC could be of defining importance –for your organisation, for our industry, and for society as a whole.

Simon Philip-Smith MTC

Meet Simon, our Partnership Expert

Simon leads Customer Engagement at MTC, overseeing Business Development and Membership functions. With over 20 years experience, he excels in creating valuable partnerships with industry leaders across Manufacturing, Software and Financial Services.  Simon's expertise in identifying and converting industrial projects, drives value creation and positive societal impact. He holds an MBA from Henley, has experience of playing high-level sport overseas and possesses an endless level of intellectual curiosity.

Membership benefits

A membership rich with benefits


Collaborative partnerships

Forge cross-industry, collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations.



Create societal impact, contributing to projects of nationally strategic significance.



Build cross-industry connections through networking with other MTC members.

Insights - To Industry Advances


Gain unique exposure to critical research insights and latest industry advances.

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Access industry-leading training and incentives for events and room bookings. 

Our membership tiers

Flexible options on how to collaborate to create impact

Discover the many advantages of being an MTC member, there are three tiers that give varying benefits to our membership community which is currently enjoyed by over 95 members that cover different sectors and range from SMEs through to large organisations.

MTC Membership Tiers

Our members

Find out more about our members, who they are and what technologies we work with them on. For more information or to find out more about becoming a member contact us today.

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