MTC Robotics & automation 2024

MTC conference highlights the benefits of automation adoption and its impact on future UK prosperity

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As UK manufacturers continue to face productivity, labour and net zero challenges, over at this year’s Robotics and Automation: For a Sustainable Future heard how the adoption of robotics and automation technologies has the potential to address these issues.


Keynote speaker, Dr Graham Hoare, Chief Executive Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, set the scene for the two-day event by highlighting how the successful adoption of automation and robotics by UK manufacturing could lead to productivity improvements of over 20%.

This was followed by inspiring talks by industry experts, interactive panel discussions, live technology demonstrations and engaging exhibits from sponsors, robotics manufacturers and system integrators.

Topics included benefits of robotics and automation to smaller manufacturing businesses, with a trio of SMEs sharing the challenges they faced, lessons they learned and benefits they saw from adopting these solutions. Other sessions covered the impact of automation and robotics on the circular economy; the support needed to ensure the scale-up, growth and long-term stability of automation and robotics start-ups; and a look at the future of robotics technologies from Dr Jenny Read, Director of the ARIA Robotics Programme.

A dedicated panel discussion with the UK Automation Forum discussed how changing company culture around automation adoption can benefit the bottom line in modern manufacturing.

With How To Robot estimating that the average business has only explored ~5% of its addressable potential for automation using proven technology, delegates also learned about the support services and training opportunities that are available to minimise the risk of adopting robot automation for the first time.

The event closed with the launch of an exciting new initiative, led by MTC and University of Birmingham, aimed at accelerating the development and exploitation of robots and robotics technologies in the UK through the creation of the first UK Robotics Cluster, located in the West Midlands.

This event was a great opportunity to convene stakeholders with an interest in robotics and automation to share their expertise and experiences. There was a real buzz about the event with new contacts being made and collaborations being developed looking to drive much greater exploitation of our technologies and adoption throughout industry. Huge thanks to our engaging speakers and sponsors who played a vital role in the conference programme, and to all of our delegates who, with their insights and contributions made this such a fantastic event

Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer, MTC

MTC automation and robotics 2024