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MTC welcomes HAL Robotics as a new member

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HAL Robotics is a London-based software company who have been developing solutions to make robots more flexible and adaptable in manufacturing, construction, and creative industries.

As well as covering traditionally automated processes, they specialise in highly variable jobs allowing production of small batches and unique items; the programming of complex toolpaths, such as those required in additive manufacturing; and adapting robot tasks from incoming data be that CAD models, 3D scans or text in a database.

The collaboration between the MTC and HAL Robotics will provide the MTC with access to advanced simulation tools, acceleration of development processes, as well as enhancing intelligent autonomy.


Having worked with the MTC on various projects, it’s great to be able to collaborate on a more fundamental level. The MTC’s constant ambition to go beyond the status quo makes them a perfect partner to push our software to its limits, demonstrate its value and deliver a step change in manufacturing flexibility.

Sebastian Andraos, CEO, HAL Robotics

Through the use of HAL Robotics Framework software, MTC engineers will be able to conduct advanced simulations of robotics systems, enhancing the MTC’s capability to design and test complex robotic solutions and systems efficiently. The collaboration will aid the MTC in speeding up the development of complex robotic solutions and software, contributing to faster innovation cycles and the timely completion of projects related to intelligent autonomy.

By leveraging HAL Robotics' sophisticated tools and frameworks, the MTC can develop the advanced robotic systems of the future.

We are very pleased to be working with HAL Robotics using their advanced software tools and frameworks to push the boundaries of autonomy, leading to the development of more advanced, efficient, and autonomous robotic systems.

Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer, MTC

HAL Robotics have just launched their new software, decode. decode is designed to give operators, those with expert process knowledge, enough agency to adapt a robot's task without burdening them with the complexities of programming.

It also supports system integrators and roboticists, serving as a means of quickly setting up complex robotic toolpaths, simulating and validating those procedures, and then sending them as native robot code to machines.

If you want to learn more they will be hosting a webinar on 27th March at 14:00 GMT to show you how it works and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Sign up here - https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/237ef726-7d33-4be2-8085-a3c5a23a8d8f@64e985f2-dca2-4c3b-bf6b-301289785aaf

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