Sensofar and MTC

Sensofar extends collaboration with the MTC

    MTC member signs up for another 3 years.

    The MTC are pleased to announce that Sensofar have renewed their membership for three additional years. This renewal solidifies the commitment between the MTC and Sensofar to collaborate and drive innovation in the manufacturing industry.

    Since Sensofar joined the MTC in 2019, they have actively participated in numerous research and development projects, leveraging the cutting-edge facilities and expertise available as part of their membership. As part of the initial membership, Sensofar provided the MTC with their state-of-the-art S neox surface profiler, enabling the MTC to advance its research capabilities in surface metrology.

    Building on the success of the S neox, we are thrilled to extend our collaboration with Sensofar, with their innovative S wide Large Area 3D profiler arriving as part of the further collaboration. The S wide offers enhanced capabilities for measuring large surfaces with unprecedented accuracy and speed. By equipping the MTC with the S wide, the MTC aims to support Sensofar’s research endeavors and further contribute to advancing manufacturing technologies.

    The MTC is a renowned hub for research, development, and innovation in advanced manufacturing technology. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and collaborative approach, the MTC brings together industry-leading companies, academia, and government organizations to drive progress and establish the UK as a global leader in manufacturing.

    By renewing its membership, Sensofar gains access to MTC‘s extensive resources, including world-class research facilities, technical expertise, and industry networks.

    As part of the renewed agreement, Sensofar will continue to work closely on joint research projects, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and industry events. This collaboration with Sensofar aims to address emerging challenges, develop new technologies, and contribute to the overall growth and competitiveness of the UK manufacturing sector.