Flexiform: Developing a targeted capacity strategy to meet growth in demand
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Flexiform: Developing a targeted capacity strategy to meet growth in demand


The MTC works with Flexiform to increase operational capacity without expanding site footprint, leading to improvements in productivity and reduced lead times. 

The Challenge

Flexiform have been a leading UK manufacturer of high quality office furniture, storage and seating for 40 years. With growth exceeding supply, the MTC were challenged with developing a scalable plan to service demand incrementally. The site was constrained and tentative plans had been explored to increase the operational footprint to accommodate additional plant. The key aim for this project was to deliver operational capacity, balanced to demand, within the existing footprint.

MTC's Solution

The MTC proposed a plan to develop modern manufacturing methods, enhanced by proven technology, to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Working with the senior management team, the current state was mapped, issues were quantified and qualified, as well as the joined up relationships of the issues. The business was remapped to meet all key requirements, based upon data and practical considerations. Relevant technologies were identified to address issues and enhance manufacturing.

The Outcome

  • Flexiform now has a detailed map of the infrastructure and layout to link order receipts, project management, customer management and order fulfilment
  • With the MTC’s help, the senior management team developed a high level sequenced transformation plan that will achieve their operational capacity targets

Benefits to the Client

  • Increased nominal capacity by 40%, plus a further 20% surge capacity, without increasing site footprint
  • Reduced working week, from 24/7 to 24/5, whilst delivering the increase in output
  • New layout designed to allow for future growth
  • Increase in productivity by 24%, continual improvement will raise this further
  • 245% reduction in operational lead time
  • Capital expenditure is now focused on value adding assets, not on increasing site footprint
I found the MTC invaluable in this process guiding us, educating us and keeping us true to our goals at all times. I would highly recommend all business leaders to take time out, engage with the MTC, and carry out a VSM exercise.
Nick Hewitt, Managing Director, Flexiform
The resultant ‘transformational plan’ has now been communicated to our employees and project teams set up to deliver the results, this has generating a real buzz and engagement around the business.
Nick Hewitt, Managing Director, Flexiform