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Large and multi-national organisations

Innovative manufacturing solutions delivered under one roof by an expert multi-disciplinary team, in conjunction with start of the art technology

Who we work with

Transforming new ideas or challenges into commercially viable solutions that deliver significant return on investment.

At the MTC, we partner with large organisations over a cross section of industries, acting as an extension of their teams to unlock innovation and overcome challenges that are deemed unachievable, too costly, or too risky. With the combined knowledge  of 450 engineers across multiple technologies and sectors, we use that knowledge and experience to  create tangible outcomes, ready for commercial scale.

With our extensive experience and the diverse challenges our customers face, we adapt to various working styles, often acting as an extension of an organisation's research and development (R&D) department. Seamlessly collaborating, we find solutions that truly work, acting as "the Engineer’s Engineer." Our approach is fully transparent, ensuring knowledge transfer to customers so they can seamlessly integrate new solutions, technologies, or processes into their operations.

Simon Philip-Smith MTC

Meet Simon, our Partnership Expert

Simon leads Customer Engagement at MTC, overseeing Business Development and Membership functions. With over 20 years experience, he excels in creating valuable partnerships with industry leaders across Manufacturing, Software and Financial Services.  Simon's expertise in identifying and converting industrial projects, drives value creation and positive societal impact. He holds an MBA from Henley, has experience of playing high-level sport overseas and possesses an endless level of intellectual curiosity.

Why our customers work with us


Maximising ROI

Our unique combination of focused support and technology expertise can help accelerate time to market. MTC’s Tier 1 members often achieve up to a 10:1 return on every pound invested with us.

De-Risking Strategy Decisions

De-risking strategic decisions

We’ll help with early-stage technology assessments to support capital investment decisions and help identify and implement the right solution for your organisation.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer

Our broad multi-sector network means we can help you take technology solutions developed in other industries and use them in new markets, resulting in innovative outcomes and a competitive advantage.

True Impartiality

True impartiality

We’re technology and vendor agnostic, so you can be assured the recommendations we give you are the right ones, with no preference given to existing affiliations​. 



Working with MTC gives you access to unique collaborations in an environment where only ‘difficult’ challenges are tackled, at the same time as developing leading edge capability.

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Find out more about our members, who they are and what technologies we work with them on. For more information or to find out more about becoming a member contact us today.

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