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Helping solve manufacturing challenges, enhancing performance, reducing costs and streamline production through advanced technology and expertise.

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Empowering UK manufacturing with advanced technology

MTC helps SMEs and large organisations tackle manufacturing challenges, driving advancements in UK manufacturing and addressing societal issues. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and extensive expertise, MTC enhances performance, reduces costs, and streamlines production processes. Our comprehensive support includes strategy development, process optimisation, staff training, and implementation of advanced technologies. MTC’s holistic approach integrates automation, digital manufacturing, and material engineering to improve productivity, sustainability, and decision-making.

Through innovative solutions and industry partnerships, MTC empowers businesses to achieve world-class productivity, economic growth, and societal benefits, positioning them at the forefront of manufacturing innovation. Partnering with MTC provides access to resources and expertise that ensure competitive and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Our technologies & capabilities

Harnessing world-leading technology

We’re surrounded by world-leading facilities. Cutting-edge technologies. Cross sector, industry-leading experts. But we know the unique power of MTC is the blend of all three. That’s when true breakthroughs occur, challenges are solved and when progress happens.

Additive manufacturing
Engineer operating an additive machine

Additive manufacturing

Our additive manufacturing experts work with businesses of all sizes, helping to make impossible parts possible. With a wide network of expertise in all areas of the additive manufacturing process, plus access to state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies, we offer an end-to-end solution, no matter how complex the challenge.

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