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Delivering workforce productivity through crafting cutting-edge manufacturing training solutions in a world-class engineering setting

At MTC Training we believe that the next generation of engineering talent, and upskilled existing workforces must deliver competitive advantage for your business. By addressing skills gaps, ageing workforces and labour shortages we are developing engineers who are equipped to make a positive impact on UK manufacturing now and in the future.

Our expert and industry time served trainers upskill your staff to meet the demands of ever-changing technology, train apprentices to take your workforce to higher levels of performance, and help you solve attraction and retention issues.

We’re turning outdated stereotypes on their heads and, in the process, helping make UK manufacturing more efficient, full of innovation and able to compete with the world.


Chris Rooum MTC

Meet Chris, our Skills & Training Expert

Chris is dedicated to developing commercial opportunities in the Apprenticeships and Training sector at MTC. With a background in strategic analysis, he focuses on addressing the skills gap in the industry. Chris collaborates with leading Engineering and Manufacturing organisations in the UK to create and deliver innovative training solutions, ensuring stakeholders have the skills needed for successful career development and positive industry impact.  

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Our approach

A structured approach to skills and training:

Hands-on practical training
MTC trainer teaching young apprentice

Hands-on practical training

We have access to state-of-the-art equipment, providing practical training experiences. Apprentices, upskilling and reskilling learners can work with advanced technologies, fostering a deeper understanding of their application in real-world manufacturing scenarios. 

A trusted partner

  •  Providing organisations with the skilled workers they need to compete in a global market
  • A not-for-profit organisation that reinvests into our people, programmes and facilities to ensure all our learners get the best training possible and have impact for their employers
  • Award winning, highly skilled and committed trainers that have come from the manufacturing and engineering sectors
  • Apprentices with high skills and professional standards as demonstrated by their numerous awards and feedback from Ofsted and employers
  • A training network with multiple locations across the country 
  • An emphasis on celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion – commended by Ofsted
  • Matrix accredited – demonstrating the high quality personal and professional support provided by our specialists
  • A focus on safeguarding – the safety and wellbeing of our engineering apprentices is just as important as the quality of our programmes 

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Delivering state-of-the-art training

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