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Strategy and solutions that help embed new technology whilst equipping you for present and future challenges

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The ever-changing digital world is one of huge opportunity.

Maximising the opportunities presented by the new digital world is crucial. What should you be doing? Where do you start? And how do you ensure the technology you invest in will still be relevant in a few years’ time?

Our independent experts will help guide you on your digital journey, whether you’re just getting started or need some help accelerating your growth – everything you need to unlock greater efficiency, productivity and the competitive edge.

We’ll de-mystify digital strategy and provide a safe environment to test digital transformation solutions before implementing them in your own organisation. 

Thomas Driscoll - MTC

Meet Tom, our Digital Transformation Expert

Tom serves as a Digital Transformation Expert within the Digital Engineering group at MTC. With over 12 years of experience at MTC, he has spearheaded numerous collaborative R&D projects within the automotive and aerospace industries. His expertise lies in the realms of digital manufacturing, factory design, simulation, and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) analysis.   

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Our approach

A structured approach to digital transformation:

Maximising the intelligent use of data in your business
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Maximising the intelligent use of data in your business

There has never been more data available to power business decisions. We’ll ensure you’re looking at the right things, at the right time, and making the most of the opportunities available.

MTC’s subject experts will guide you on your digital transformation journey, whatever stage you are at 



Expand your understanding of the key principals, concepts and technologies under industry 4.0 and understand the benefits it can yield. We will provide a guide to illustrate how you can achieve an ideal end state in a practical step-by-step format.



This stage progresses the discovery stage into transformational activity. We develop a sustainable business case that clarifies the benefit of the technology implementation with clear ROI expectations. We also develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation roadmap.

Design And Build

Design & build

We utilise digital modelling, simulation tools and templates in our digital sandpit to validate solutions, as well as in our physical testbed. We also leverage our network of technology suppliers to accelerate the delivery of manufacturing systems.

Operate And Improve

Operate & improve

Operations optimisation through a range of manufacturing frameworks, simulation tools and world-class expertise. We seek improved productivity and reduced downtime through enhanced production monitoring and maintenance capabilities and supply chain development capability with best-in-class simulation tools, frameworks and industry expertise.

A trusted partner

Finding independent advice on digital transformation solutions and manufacturing software solutions can be difficult, when so much of what’s out there comes from the makers of the products themselves. MTC is different. We’re not affiliated to any manufacturers and will provide an unbiased, independent view and assessment of your technology needs. We’ll provide clarity and transparency throughout the process, meaning you can be confident you’re spending the right money on the right things and can embed them into your organisation seamlessly.

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Your questions answered

How does the MTC approach Digital transformation?

The MTC has a structured approach to help manufacturers develop and implement relevant digital technologies. From current state assessment and initial strategy development through to technology selection, prototyping and implementation planning the MTC has proven tools and methods to help you succeed.

What role does AI play in manufacturing?

What approaches are there for integrating sustainable practices within digital?

How should we manage data integrity?

Is Digital Transformation relevant to my operation? How much technology is appropriate?

Which technology products does the MTC use ?

Who should I go to in the supply chain to install these technologies?

How do I support and train my workforce?

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